If you are currently in the market for your next vehicle, you might want to make your move toward a purchase before the year ends. In fact, the final days of December are among the highest of the year when it comes to car sales. Affordability is a major contributing factor to many drivers’ decisions to take the plunge and actually purchase their next vehicle, and there are some car buying advantages at the end of the year. 

In fact, experts in the auto industry agree that December is by far the best month of the year in which to buy your next vehicle if you’re hoping to save big on your purchase Here are some advantages to purchasing a car at the end of the year.

Advantage to Purchasing a Car at the End of the Year

The advantage of Purchasing a Car at the End of the Year

Upcoming Sales Quotas 

It’s no secret that car salesmen have quotas to meet when it comes to selling cars. Most car salesmen are incentivized to sell a certain number of cars every month, quarter, and year. 

Late December is when all three of those quotas coincide. Buying a car in late December is a smart idea because at this time of the year, car salesmen are working as hard as they can to meet their monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales quotas at the same time. 

This means that you are likely to be able to negotiate a lower price and more flexible financing options for your next vehicle because most car salesmen are frantically trying to meet or exceed their sales quotas at the end of the year. 

Holiday Season Sales 

December is one of the biggest months for purchasing cars primarily because it is also the month of the holiday season when many people are treating themselves and their loved ones with gifts, which—in some cases—includes gifting a major purchase like a car. 

Car dealerships know that cars are in much higher demand during the holiday season than they are at virtually any other time of the year, and they also know that they are in competition with other dealerships as drivers buy cars left and right throughout the holiday season. 

Because of this competition, many car dealerships often offer limited-edition special sales for the holiday season in order to incentivize customers to shop at their dealership and to help convince them to actually make their vehicle purchase before the holiday season is over. 

End of Calendar Year Sales 

Car dealerships take every opportunity they can get to offer special deals and discounts to their customers in order to incentivize drivers to buy their next vehicle from that specific dealership rather than taking their business to another local dealership in the area. 

Many car dealerships celebrate the end of the calendar year and utilize it as an ideal time to offer special deals and discounts. If you buy a car at the end of the year in December, you get to take advantage of both holiday season sales and end of calendar year sales. 

End of Model Year Sales 

It is important to note that the end of the calendar year does not necessarily always coincide with the end of the model year for vehicles. Each major automaker has its own schedule when it comes to releasing new models. However, production of most vehicle models for the current model year ends around October or November of that year and new vehicle models are released in late December of that year or in the first months of the next year. 

As the end of the year inches closer, car dealerships are expecting new vehicles from the upcoming model year to be shipped to their lots in the near future. Of course, this is a great time for you to grab ahold of the car buying advantages. This means that you can search our site to find the car dealerships you want to find amazing deals, discounts, and low-interest rates on cars from now.