The newest Mazda CX-5 Has been blowing people away. Stylized on their classic model, the newest update introduces several upgrades to the vehicle. Now, you will have up to 320 lb-ft torque. Not to mention, the Bose sound system delivers some impressive-sounding audio. Whether this is your first time in a Mazda, or you’ve owned plenty, this year’s CX-5 has plenty to offer. Check out a list of some of the newest Mazda CX-5 upgrades.

Skyactiv®-g 2.5 With Dynamic Pressure Turbo and 320 Lb-ft Torque

Mazda took time designing this engine. Turbocharged, it can produce over 200 hp. Compared to previous models, this will be their most powerful engine yet.


All-wheel-drive improves the traction of a vehicle while it’s on the road. In certain environments, it can be lifesaving. Most vehicles rely on a manual switch to engage all-wheel-drive. The newest Mazda does it far more intelligently. When traction is lost, Mazda’s computers kick into action immediately. Then, power is redistributed throughout the vehicle until traction is regained.

2021 Mazda CX-5 Upgrades

2021 Mazda CX-5 Upgrades

Rear Power Liftgate With Programmable Height Adjustment

Loading the back of this Mazda is easier than ever. With their new power liftgate, Opening the back is as simple as pressing a button. You can close it by doing the same thing. Plus, you can set the height of the door so that it’s perfect for you.

Mazda Connect Infotainment System With a 10.25-inch Display Screen

You will be more connected than ever while sitting inside of this Mazda. The infotainment display screen is over 10 inches, measured diagonally. On that screen, everything you need will be right there for you to see. Connect your phone to the car, and you can use it to select your favorite songs.

A Bose Premium Sound System

After choosing a song, you will be blasted by serene sound from the premium Bose audio system. Long road trips won’t be bad basking can such clarity.

A Moonroof

The moonroof opens without making a sound. You can even tilt it so that the car’s interior vents.

Mazda Connected Services

Connected services keep you in contact with your vehicle. They also monitor its status, and they can even keep track of your health. Should something happen, they can respond in hardly any time at all.

Mazda Cx-5 Trims and Options

There are several options when it comes to trim packages. All of them share the same basic features. However, some of the more advanced features are only available on higher trim levels. The highest level trim package would be the Mazda CX-5 Signature Edition.



  • Mazda Connect:
    Connect your phone to the car without a hassle.
  • Apply Carplay and Android Auto:
    Play music seamlessly from your smartphone, regardless of the OS.
  • Lane Departure Warning:
    When you go over the lines, this car lets you know about it. Then, you can correct your course.


  • Six-Way Adjustable Driver Seat:
    Getting that seat to feel perfect will be a piece of cake.
  • Heated Front Seats:
    For an even more comfortable experience, turn on those seat heaters.
  • Dual Zone Climate Control:
    Your passengers can set their own temperature settings. You can still have yours. That way, everyone wins.

Carbon Edition

  • Poly Metal Gray Metallic Paint:
    This exclusive paint scheme is a sight to behold. You’ll certainly draw attention when you drive this anywhere.
  • 19 Inch Alloy Wheels:
    Not to mention, in addition to the exclusive paint job, this car sits on extra-large wheels. These seem to glide over the road when you watch them roll by. It’s tough to look away.
  • Arata Leather Seats:
    Signature leather lines the seats. That’s how you know you’re sitting in luxury.

Carbon Edition Turbo

  • Turbo Engine With 250 Hp:
    This trim comes with all the benefits of the Carbon Edition, but it also adds a turbo to the engine. That means you’ll get over 200 hp out of that beast.

Grand Touring

  • 10 Speaker Bose Audio System:
    Long road trips are never boring with a sound system of this quality.
  • Rear Power Liftgate:
    Opening the liftgate is easier than ever. Just click the button to open the back. Then, press it again to shut it up.

Grand Touring Reverse

  • Turbocharged Engine
  • All-wheel-drive With Off-road Traction Assist:
  • Active Driving Display:


  • Nappa Leather-Trimmed Seats
  • 360° View Monitor With Parking Sensors:
    Cameras are all over the vehicle. You can see a full 360 degrees right there on the screen. Of all the CX-5 upgrades, this would be our favorite.