In the market for a new luxury car? The 2023 Audi S3 Sedan just might be the perfect option for you. Here are five things we love about this sleek and stylish sedan. If you’re in the market for a new car, the 2023 Audi S3 Sedan is definitely worth considering. Here are five things we love about this sleek and stylish sedan:

Premium Build Quality

There’s no denying that the Audi S sedan is a premium vehicle. It’s clear from the moment you set eyes on it – the sleek lines, the luxurious interior, the attention to detail. But what really sets it apart is the build quality.

This isn’t some cheap knock-off – Audi has put its years of experience and expertise into crafting a truly exceptional car. Every panel, every component, is perfectly engineered and fits together like a glove. It all adds up to a driving experience that is simply unmatched.

And then there’s the engine. The heart of any car, and the S sedan doesn’t disappoint. It’s powerful, refined, and responsive, delivering an intoxicating mix of performance and luxury.

In short, the Audi S sedan is everything you could ever want in a premium vehicle – and then some. If you’re looking for the best of the best, this is it.

All-Wheel Drive

We love the all-wheel drive on the Audi S sedan! It’s so nice to have all four wheels working together to get us through the snow and ice. And, it’s great to know that our car can handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us. With the all-wheel drive, we feel confident and safe on the road, no matter what the conditions are.


The Audi S Sedan comes packed with an impressive infotainment system. The central touchscreen display is easy to use and provides access to all the features and functions you need. The audio quality is excellent, and the navigation system is intuitive and straightforward.

The infotainment system also offers a wide range of connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay. You can easily connect your smartphone or other devices and enjoy hands-free calling, music streaming, and more.

Overall, the Audi S Sedan’s infotainment system is one of its best features. It’s user-friendly, packed with features, and provides a great experience all around.

The Virtual Cockpit

The Audi S Sedan comes with a virtual cockpit, which is a 12.3-inch LCD screen that sits behind the steering wheel. This display shows all of the information that you need while driving, including your speed, RPMs, and navigation. The best part about the virtual cockpit is that you can customize it to show only the information that you want to see. For example, if you’re a racecar driver, you can have the virtual cockpit display your lap times and race line. If you’re just a casual driver, you can have it show your music playlist or navigation route. No matter what your driving style is, the virtual cockpit is a great feature that makes the Audi S Sedan even more enjoyable to drive.

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Modern Driver-Assist Features

Audi is known for its innovative driver-assist features, and the S Sedan is no exception. The sedan comes standard with Audi Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, which can bring the car to a complete stop in traffic and then resume driving when traffic starts moving again. It also has standard Audi Pre Sense Front, which can help avoid or mitigate frontal collisions.

Other driver-assist features available on the S Sedan include Audi Side Assist with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which can help you avoid accidents when changing lanes or backing out of a parking space; and Audi Active Lane Assist, which can help keep you centered in your lane.

These are just a few of the many driver-assist features that make the S Sedan a pleasure to drive. With so much technology working to keep you safe and comfortable, it’s easy to see why this car is one of our favorites.