The Ford Bronco’s removal from Ford’s vehicle lineup back in the 1990s led to the dismay of many Ford drivers who had grown attached to the first-ever SUV to join Ford’s lineup. While declining sales of this 2-door SUV forced Ford to discontinue the original Ford Bronco SUV, Ford is all for customer satisfaction and is never one to accept the disappointment of their drivers. Almost 25 years after the discontinuation of the original Ford Bronco back in 1996, Ford announced the upcoming release of an all-new Ford Bronco for the 2021 model year. 

The revamped Ford Bronco is expected to hit the market as a modern, midsize 4-door SUV that features all the amenities and advanced tech and safety features that drivers have come to expect from the rest of Ford’s high-performing modern SUVs. Since Ford initially announced the upcoming release of the all-new Ford Bronco for the 2021 model year, there has been a considerable amount of hype surrounding the upcoming re-release of the modern Bronco. 

The hype surrounding the all-new Ford Bronco only increased with Ford’s announcement of their Bronco Day celebration. Bronco Day marked the 55th anniversary of the release of the original Ford Bronco SUV and was hosted by Ford on August 11th, 2020. 

Bronco Day was designed to ramp up the excitement of Ford drivers as they await the release of the all-new Ford Bronco. Ford chose Bronco Day as the perfect time to make several important announcements regarding the Bronco and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most pivotal, exciting updates Ford provided their eager fans in honor of Bronco Day on August 11th. 

Off-Roading Awaits 

One of the most exciting announcements that have come from Ford this year is this automaker’s announcement of their plans to open four outdoor adventure parks—which they dubbed “Off-Roadeos”—that are designed to allow drivers of all skill and experience levels to engage in safe off-roading in exciting outdoor environments. 

Many Ford drivers were excited about the prospect of all-new opportunities for exploration at these off-roading outdoor adventure parks. Since their initial

announcement of their plans to open four Off-Roadeos in the near future, Ford hasn’t offered many more significant details regarding when and where these outdoor adventure parks will open. 

Ford chose Bronco Day to announce the official location of the very first Off-Roadeo. Avid off-roaders in the South were thrilled to learn that Austin, Texas would be the location of the first Off-Roadeo to open. An exact opening date for this Off-Roadeo has not yet been announced, but stay tuned for more official announcements from Ford in the near future. 

Adventure Concepts are Coming 

Perhaps the most exciting part of Bronco Day came with Ford’s unveiling of five ‘adventure concepts’, which included five 2021 Bronco SUV models decked out with a variety of accessories and aftermarket parts that showed off different aspects of the all-new Bronco’s unique functionality. 

These five adventure concept Broncos specifically showed off how functional the all-new Bronco will be for outdoor adventures—which fits right in with Ford’s focus on off-roading and outdoor adventure for Bronco drivers. One of the concepts—the Bronco Four-Door Outer Banks Fishing Guide—was decked out for fishing with a special safari bar, off-road lights, a platform roof rack, a fishing rod holder, and a slide-out tailgate. 

Another adventure concept was the Bronco Sport Tow RZR, which was shown off with a cargo rack and basket and a Class II trailer package complete with an attached trailer to really complete the aesthetic of this haul-ready Bronco. 

Ford has chosen to partner with aftermarket parts makers and expand their own Ford Performance accessory catalog in order to offer a wider variety of customization options for the 2021 Bronco. The five adventure concepts that Ford debuted on Bronco Day 2020 demonstrate how these customization options will allow Bronco drivers to really make their Bronco their own. 

When it comes to the all-new Ford Bronco, Ford fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Bronco Day was a huge success for Ford, resulting in positive attention from Ford fans around the world who are now even more eager to see what else this classic automaker may have in store for the months leading up to the release of the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco.

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