Enjoying a barbecue and getting an extra weekend day off of work are not the only reasons to look forward to Labor Day Weekend—especially if you’re in the market for a new or new-to-you car. Escondido car buying on Labor Day weekend offers some of the best deals around.

Every year, Labor Day Weekend is consistently one of the most affordable times of the year to buy a car. If you’re in the market for a car, hold out until Labor Day Weekend arrives. Your wallet will thank you. Keep reading to learn why Labor Day Weekend is one of the most cost-effective times of year to buy a car. 

Triple Car Savings on Labor Day Weekend 

The reason why Labor Day Weekend is renowned for being one of the best times of the entire year to buy a car has to do with the fact that there are multiple factors that contribute to the deals and discounts on cars that are consistently offered over Labor Day Weekend. 

There are three major contributing factors to special deals and discounts on Labor Day Weekend. The first of these factors is holiday promotions. Most car dealerships take advantage of holidays—including minor holidays and extended holiday weekends like Labor Day Weekend—and offer special deals and discounts in order to draw more car buyers into their dealership. 

Another factor that leads to better discounts on Labor Day is monthly sales quotas. Labor Day Weekend often falls close to the end of the month of August. Every month, car salesmen are encouraged to meet monthly sales quotas in order to earn bonuses, good performance reviews, etc. Many car salesmen will offer car buyers better deals on vehicles closer to the end of the month in order to convince them to buy a car and therefore get themselves closer to meeting their sales quota for that month. 

Finally, cars—especially used cars and cars from previous model years—tend to be cheaper overall during the third quarter of any given year. In August and September of each year, car dealerships are tasked with preparing for the influx of vehicle models from the next model year that is soon to come as automakers around the world release

next year’s models within the last few months of the year. In order to make room on their lots for vehicles for the next model year, car dealerships tend to lower the prices of many of their current vehicles in order to incentivize customers to buy these vehicles and get them off of their lot before the new crop of vehicle models arrives. 

Where to Buy a Car on Labor Day 

If you’ve decided to buy a car over Labor Day Weekend to take advantage of special deals and discounts, the next step is to determine where to buy your next vehicle.

If you are located in Escondido, California, or its surrounding area, you should have plenty of local car dealerships to choose from when it comes time to decide where to buy your car. Of course, where you should buy your car depends on which car make and model you want. 

Most official car dealerships only maintain inventories of vehicles from one or two car brands. Once you decide which brand you want your next vehicle to be, check around for local car dealerships in your area that sell that brand. Always make sure that the car dealership where you choose to buy your car is an official dealership that operates underneath the umbrella of a major automaker. 

Official car dealerships tend to be more reliable, offer more flexible financing options, and deliver better customer service. Plus, buying a car from an official car dealership over Labor Day Weekend allows you to take advantage of deals and discounts that are offered by the local car dealership you buy from and those that are set by the automaker under which the local dealership operates.