Deals on a New Car this Independence Day 4th July

In celebration of the nation’s independence, car dealerships across the country are offering great deals on new vehicles. Since the beginning of automotive manufacturing, Americans have been obsessed with driving more contemporary, technologically advanced cars. If you need a new car, the chances are that you will be able to find one on this patriotic holiday that falls in late June. If you’re an avid car lover, it’s a good idea to keep your eyes peeled this Independence Day. Car dealerships will likely be offering sweet deal on new cars and SUVs to celebrate the holiday. That’s because most dealerships want to showcase their latest models and attract potential customers who will test drive them during the peak of the sale season. The following is a comprehensive list of car dealers you can visit on July 4th and how to get the best deal on  new car.

  1. Do Your Research Ahead of Time: Before you head to the dealership, do your research. Find out what cars are on sale and what the monthly payments will be. Also, find out if the vehicle is under warranty or not. If you plan on buying a used car, find out how many miles it has been driven so you can know if it is roadworthy.
  1. Be Prepared to Negotiate: The best thing to do when looking at new cars is to negotiate with the salesperson. Even though this may seem counterintuitive, it’s a good idea to ask for more than what they are asking for in their cars. This will give you an advantage in negotiations and allow you to get a better deal on the vehicle of your choice. Also, ensure that they understand that you will be getting two or three other offers before deciding so that they know that they should go above and beyond to get your business.
  1. Ask for Discounts on Accessories: If you intend to buy new accessories, such as a sunroof, then ask for a discount. They may be willing to give you a discount on the supplements if you are buying the car simultaneously. However, don’t let them know if you decide not to purchase accessories with your new vehicle. This will give you an advantage when negotiating the price of your new car. The best deal on a car is to buy it with accessories, but if you don’t want to do that or have no intention of buying accessories, then be sure to ask for a discount on the car itself.
  1. Avoid Extras You Can Get for Less Elsewhere: When you purchase a new car, you want to know that you’re getting a good deal. This is why it’s essential to compare the price of the car with what other dealerships are charging for their models. If you see an identical model at another dealership that is cheaper than yours, it’s best to stick with the dealer who has a better price. This can help save you hundreds of dollars on your new car purchase. You should never buy an extended warranty or a navigation system on your new car. These are items that you can get for less elsewhere. You may be able to negotiate these down even further if you purchase them simultaneously as the car itself. Get the deal on car you want and then buy the extras that you wish to at the same time. This way, you will save on both.
  1. Don’t Pay Unnecessary Fees: In addition to offering great, car dealerships are notorious for charging exorbitant fees. If you’re buying a new car, then you should be prepared to pay a monthly maintenance fee and a hefty down payment. It would help if you also were ready to pay for extra services like a safety package, extended warranty, or even an anti-theft device. The best deal on luxury car models like the BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class can cost you upwards of $20,000. If you’re not willing to shell out this much money, then be prepared to pay a monthly maintenance fee of upwards of $200. The best deal on a new car is one of the most expensive purchases that you can make.
  1. Rebate vs. Loan Rate: Know the Tradeoffs: You will have to decide whether you want to get a new car on loan or by buying it with a rebate. The difference is that a loan is paid off over time through monthly payments and interest. On the other hand, refunds are usually paid for in one lump sum upfront and are often more expensive than loans. If you are hoping to buy a new car this Independence Day, it might be best for you to take a loan. This is because rebates are typically more expensive than loans, and you will have to pay interest on top of the refund. The best way to ensure you get a great deal on your new vehicle is to shop around for the best loan rate. There are many options available for car loans, and you should be able to find one that fits your budget and needs. Most loans come with a rebate; if this is the case, you will have to pay interest on top of the rebate.


Buying a new car can be a very stressful and complicated process. This is why it is so important to do your research before you buy a new car. By learning about the car dealerships in your area, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision about the vehicle you want.